Strategic Internships in Rail

The RTP is relaunching our Strategic Internships in Railroads (SIR) partner program for interested rail industry companies. The mission of the SIR program is to create continuous and consistent internship opportunities that introduce RTP students to the rail industry environment and facilitates their development into rail industry professionals. Through their work, the interns should actively contribute to advance the company objectives and goals.

Our current industry partners are listed below. Companies interested in the program should contact the Director of the RTP.




The details of the program are outlined in the signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the partnering company and the RTP. In summary, partners Company pledges to do their best to hire at least one student from Michigan Tech in Michigan Technological University, given position availability and student qualifications, for an internship or co-op position during each academic year in which this MOU is in effect. The partner company name and selected interns will be recognized on this website and in the RTP Annual Report.

Click on the Past SIR Organizations and Interns link on the right to see the list of companies and interns for previous years.  



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