Rail Industry Scholarships

Our First Year Scholarships are open for Fall 2023!  See chart below for a description, or go to https://forms.gle/pDh8qZBHcdqRaTnZ7​ to fill in the Google Form application!  Note that attend a Railroad Engineering and Activities Club function (The September meeting, Railroad Night on Sept 12th, or the annual AREMA conferenc October 1-3) and that can be added to your narrative and improve your chances!  More Information about the Scholarships CLICK HERE

The railroad industry offers opportunities across the spectrum of disciplines, including computers, electrical and mechanical systems, business and operations, and civil infrastructure.  Construction and materials are also areas that feature prominently! The Rail Transportation Program (RTP) has a long history of supporting its students through generous donations by our industry partners and Michigan Tech alumni and friends. In addition, students are able to apply for various scholarships offered by railroad industry sources, such as AREMA. Since 2006, more than 150 railroad scholarships have been awarded to Michigan Tech students. We encourage all students interested in rail transportation to get involved…and explore the scholarship winners and opportunities introduced below. Students who wish to apply can find more detailed information below or request information from David Nelson at dannelso@mtu.edu .  

Michigan Tech RTP Scholarships

The RTP has recently updated its scholarship program and increased the number of scholarships offered. The current scholarships are funded through an endowment by our industry partner, CN Railway, and through generous donations by Michigan Tech alumni and friends. The scholarship types, related eligibility and application deadlines/instructions are provided below:


Click HERE to download the Fall 2022 CN, Alumni and Friends Scholarship Application



Industry Scholarships

In addition to RTP scholarships, there are numerous industry scholarships available for Michigan tech students, including those from AREMA and APTA

We appreciate all the support we’ve received from the Michigan Tech alumni and friends involved/interested in rail transportation. For Alumni and Friends interested in supporting our Scholarship Program, Click HERE.


Rail Transportation Program Scholarship Winners    


Congratulations to our Alumni & Friends Winners!  


Congratulations to the Fall 2022 RTP First Year Scholarship Winners!  The winners will be announced at the November 14th REAC meeting, 7 PM in Fischer 133.

Congratulations to our Alumni & Friends and CN Endowment Scholarship Winners!

Congratulations to the 2021 First Year Scholarship and Continuing Scholarship Winners:


2020-2021 Scholarship winners are introduced below. Congratulations to BoFa, Justin and Stanton!!  

Congratulations also to Walter Friesel, who collected an AREMA Educational Foundation Scholarship.  


BoFa Saldana,ECE

Stanton Schmitz, CEEJustin Micillo, CEE

Rail Transportation Alumni/ Friends ScholarshipCN Railroad ScholarshipCN Railroad Scholarship

"I would like to thank you all for selecting me as a recipient of the 2021 Rail Transportation Program Scholarship. I was thrilled to find out that I had been picked to receive this award. I am grateful and extremely appreciative of this support. This is something that will help me complete many goals as a student here at Michigan Tech as well as in my future career in the rail industry. This scholarship gives me that much more motivation to complete these goals! Again, thank you for this generous contribution." - BoFa Saldana, RTP Alumni/Friends Scholarship recipient


Congratulations to our many previous winners! 

2020  Scholarship Winners!

AREMA Scholarships

Zoe Wahr


Michigan Tech Alumni Scholarship 

Kyle Dick


Committee 27 – Maintenance-of-Way Work Equipment Scholarship

Alex ChristmasCEECommittee 15 - Steel Structures, Professor Wallace Sanders Scholarship

Internal Scholarships from RTP and Industry

Zoe Wahr


CN Railroad Scholarship

Walter Friesel


CN Railroad Scholarship

Kyle DickSCSCN Railroad Scholarship


   Click Here to see all of our Rail Scholarship Winners from the past!