Ed Hausen is a 2012 graduate with a BS in Construction Management. He has worked as an Assistant Operations Manager with RailWorks Track Systems, Inc. since August of 2012. “My interest for the railroad industry began as a child; I grew up in Chicago, IL, one of the nation’s largest hub stations. I grew up near a rail yard and just always loved to see the trains come and go. Then while attending Michigan Tech the Rail Transportation Program and the REAC opened my eyes on what the railroad industry has to offer for jobs. I then attended the Career Fair at Michigan Tech searching for opportunities in the railroad industry that were looking for Construction Management interns. 

I began my journey in the railroad industry with RailWorks Track Systems, Inc. as an intern in May of 2012. As an intern I worked on quantity take-offs and I also went and looked at jobs that were out to bid. Also while an intern I helped with the transition of their payroll system. After three months of an internship I was offered a full time position as Assistant Operations Manager. My job title includes many day to day tasks including bidding and running jobs, and many accounting processes.”

Assistant Operations Manager, Railworks Track Systems, Inc.