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RTP has received over $1 million through externally funded research projects to date. We partner with other university programs and departments, with outside agencies and sources like MDOT and USDOT, other universities, and with industry partnerships like CN and Union Pacific.


The RTP team organize and staff a statewide rail transportation conference for Michigan DOT.http://www.rail.mtu.edu/event/2nd-annual-michigan-rail-conference
Sponsored by: MDOT, NURail Center
Use of a low cost sensor system to provide rail road property trespasser warning and possible prevention activities. 
Sponsored by: NURail Center
Expand work to include high speed train crossings and evaluation of new and existing grade crossing safety devices
Sponsored by: NURail Center
Development of content and structure for the rail portal developed under the High Speed Rail (HSR) Workforce Development through Education and Training project
Sponsored by: NURail Center
Concept paper submitted use of drones and sensors to inspect track conditions in yards and at switches. We propose to develop a UAV-based ALS system that achieves the following objectives:  Measurement of geo-registered 3D topographical survey data; autonomous detection of rail-transportation infrastructure, such as rail, track beds, cars, signals, etc.; Autonomous navigation a
Sponsored by: NURail Center
Principal Investigator: Dr. Pasi Lautala
A rail link from Alaska to the rest of the North American rail system has been under consideration since the Alaska Railroad was started in 1914. Recently, a renewed interest in resource deposits in Alaska, Yukon, and British Columbia, as well as changing world markets, global trade dynamics and supply chains, has rekindled interest in that link.
Project Schedule:
Jul, 2008


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