Transportation Careers Night 2018

The 2018 Transportation Careers Night will be held on Wed, Feb 21, from 6-9pm in the Douglass Houghton Hall Ballroom. 

This event, built upon RTP/REAC's sucessful "Railroad Career Night" campaigns, has been expanded to include the full breadth of the transportation industry. REAC has partnered with the MTU ASCE and ASME chapters to bring on companies and students interested in transportation engineering. 

This three-hour, relaxed event is a time for interested students to meet and chat with industry representitives in a non-career-fair environment. While discussion about potential jobs is absolutely encouraged, industry reps and students are encouraged to discuss career opprotunities, education and whatever else related to the field as they see fit. 

Students love it for the relaxed atmosphere and open dialouge

Recruiters love it for the pool of talent - the dedicated students who trek to the event to meet representitves from the industry they dream to be a part of

If you are an industry representitve, please check out our registration link to get on our list of attendees. We're asking for a nominal contribution to support the event and REAC, ASCE and ASME. If you are a student, you need not register - we'll see you there! 


Feb 21, 2018 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Rail Transportation Program
1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton, MI. 49931-1295
Phone: 1-906-487-3547
Fax: 1-906-487-2943
A special thank you to our sponsor and partners!

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