I graduated in 2014 with a BS in Civil Engineering and then accepted a management trainee position with CSX, working towards a Roadmaster position.  I completed my training in September 2015, and was assigned to the Chicago Division as an Assistant Roadmaster.   I recently applied for a Roadmaster position on the New Rock subdivision, and will be taking over that territory in February 2016.

Before attending Michigan Tech Tom I served in the Marine Corp, and I found that the culture and background for CSX has a lot of parallels with my military experience.  One of my earliest lessons in the Management Training program was that the experience of the crew members I work with is invaluable.  Although my rail background from Tech provided an excellent foundation, it is no match for years of experience … listening is a very important part of the job!

I plan to continue to work on my progression within CSX.  My initial roadmaster posting will be a fairly small territory, but I hope to move on to a larger territory, and a Roadmaster 1 position.  Eventually I’m hoping to move from the field into a position with CSX where I can better use my Tech degree … but my field experience will provide an excellent background for this future work! 

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