After graduating from MTU in 2008, I enrolled in graduate school at Texas Tech University pursuing my PhD in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in the modelling/simulation and optimization based prediction of dynamic systems. Graduating with a mechanical engineering degree from a Texas university, most of the opportunities are in Oil and Gas.  In fact, I was set to accept a job offer in the oil and gas industry when I got a phone call from New York Air Brake (NYAB).  At that time, I had no idea how big the rail industry was or what sort of jobs were available within it, but I took the interview out of curiosity.  A few weeks later I accepted a job with Train Dynamics Systems Division with NYAB.

While at NYAB, I mostly focused on train dynamics and control, working as an R&D lead for multiple projects. Most notably, I helped lead efforts on an autonomous freight train project with Rio Tinto in Australia. I was tasked with continuous improvement and new development in both train dynamic simulation models and train handling/control algorithms.

Recently, I started working with a Predikto as a Senior Data Scientist, a predictive analytics company primarily focused on predictive maintenance for industrial assets in Transportation. I currently specialize in projects within the rail industry, to include locomotive health and failure prediction and the prediction of failures across different aspects of PTC.

Working in the rail industry for the past 5 years has been very rewarding.  I have been able to work across multiple domains within the rail industry to include operations, safety, and IT/analytics. I have had the opportunity to travel all over the US, Australia, Brazil, and Germany. To me, the main advantage of the rail industry is its wide technical breadth, making it possible to be continually challenged.

Senior Data Scientist, Predikto